AirAsia CreateCamp

AirAsia CreateCamp


  • Paolo Garrido


    Paolo is a multimedia practitioner who is determined to adapt and overcome challenges. A rebel who's goal is to go beyond the trend and give a different approach on the field of multimedia, specifically in travel, videography, and photography.

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  • Cara Durano


    Cara is a fresh graduate from De La Salle University. She currently handles a clothing store in Cebu called Sunny Side, but her passion lies in adventure and music. You rarely see her around the city, as she loves spending her time outdoors, especially in the mountains. Her goal is to inspire and to instill hope in others through her stories and experiences

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  • Ray Ambler Baguilat


    Ray is a current business student from the University of Baguio and also a part time financial advisor in an insurance company. In his free time he is a filmmaker and creates most of his content for entertainment and YouTube. As an influencer, he is driven to improve his craft, inspire his peers and to reach more people positively with his works.

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  • Jaip Saluba


    Jaip started out his film career in the wedding industry, but eventually found his true calling as a travel filmmaker. He has the burning desire to explore, create, and inspire through this lens. A proud Ilonggo and an adventure enthusiast who expresses his creativity in capturing the wonders of nature.

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  • Bea Paragas


    Bea is a student and a teacher in her own accord. Her passion fuels her to see the world and share its beauty through the lenses of an old camera. She’s an experience seeker who travels to odd places and does different jobs on her free time with the hopes of finding her calling.

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